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It started with helping a friend out with a client project.

In December 2019, Abhijit had moved out from AI & Robotics research position at a self-driving startup Ati motors in Bangalore. While contemplating his next move, a friend from college who ran a digital agency asked to help him with a client proposal. The project involved helping a client understand 'what the nation is thinking' using social media and consumer's digital footprints. The friend got the project and he ended up assisting his friend on the project.

Working with social media data, especially consumer's side was refreshing and Abhijit continued to research after the end of the project. After two intense years working on autonomous technology, natural language was a smooth transition. This is where it got interesting when Abhijit bought his research and analytical experience to understand 'consumer'. Search queries especially caught his attention. He quickly learned from the industry veterans the 'challange' of interpreting google search. Abhijit and his team had his work cut out.

Gutins is result of this discovery. This intelligence should be shared with companies which matter.