Most common questions in the minds our clients

What is the data source ?

Our main data source is Google search queries. We are constantly researching with other datasets. Our aim is to extract consumer's thought process when he/she is doing without any possible pretensions of social media. Often humans are more truthful when they interact one to one with a technology. And today its Google search. In modern digital world in emerging market, our curiosity and interests starts with a Google.

What is the methodology?

We look at a very specialized subset of health and wellness. Raw data is first preprocessed and then transformed using natural language processing, so that we can build a quantitative model. We have used an proprietary method of computing the score for various interests.

What is the time period (years) considered in the report ?

2017 to 2021. We update the report with the latest data before delivering it our customer.

What is the report format ?

The report is shared as a PDF.

Do you take customized report requests ?

Yes. We have helped clients with more specialized report. For example, a report to study diabetes and eating habits.

Do you work outside nutrition and supplements ?

No, we are super focused. We believe that to deliver value to our clients, we have to dig deeper in one segment.

How is the report shared ?

How is the report shared ? The report can be downloaded with a download link after payment process is complete. On request, we also share the report over email.

When is the report delivered ?

After someone purchases a report, we update it with most recent data. The updated report is delivered in 3-4 working days.

Can I cancel my purchase and get refund ?

Yes, you can cancel your purchase as long as you have not downloaded the report. After cancellation, you will get full refund subject to transaction cost.