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Consumers are more likely to choose health today. Is your business ready ?

Bring your business up-to-date with changing trends in nutrition, wellness and health. We have extracted it for you.

The intelligence Impact


Get into the mind of consumer. Know what they want.


Translate consumer interest into product sales


Stay ahead of the curve with one ear close to your consumer


About Us

The team combines Data Scientist, Robotics, Finance and management consultant professionals

Our mission is to empower nutrition and supplements brands with the consumer intelligence to achieve 10x growth

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What you get ?

Nutrition, Health and Wellness

With 55 Billion dollar opportunity and 1564 operating brands, companies need the intelligence to navigate this exciting market.

Customer's thinking

Consumers are a collective mind and they are constantly evolving. Ignore the signals at your own peril

India and its states

Each state is unique. To understand India, brand must understand its states.

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10x ?

Start with knowing your


500 Millions of people in India leave their interests, intentions and actions over the internet. These are not just people, they are potential consumer of your products. There is treasure trove of insights ready to be leveraged. The Gutins intelligence help brands directly hear consumer's voice and interpret them. And the result is product that meets consumer's need. In the process new market opens up.

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