Nutrition and Supplements


Over last 5 years, the interest in Nutrition has exploded in India.

List of brands active in India :

Working with social media data, especially consumer's side was refreshing and Abhijit continued to research after the end of the project. After two intense years working on autonomous technology, natural language was a smooth transition. This is where it got interesting when Abhijit bought his research and analytical experience to understand 'consumer'. Search queries especially caught his attention. He quickly learned from the industry veterans the 'challange' of interpreting google search. Abhijit had his work cut out.


Abhijit started exploring food segment and was fascinated with what he saw and he started sharing it on his Linkedin profile. He saw something which blew his mind (perhaps because he came from a different world). The interests in nutrition and supplements. He quickly discovered, there are over 500 brands in India catering to health supplements in the form of protein supplements, vitamins, multivitamins, minerals. The interest by consumer in weight loss, hair growth, skin treatment was beyond what I had imagine. Surprisingly, this trend started showing up years before the covid 19.


Nutrition and Supplement is moving mainstream and will gather more pace in the post-covid world. A general food brand has to rethink his product offering, ingredient to an increasingly aware consumer. Cooking oil has adopted fortification, Corn flakes should be next (if not already in India) and so will thousands of other food products. Just having sugar-free offering will not cut.


Gutins is result of this discovery. This intelligence should be shared with companies which matter.