Most popular protein supplement brands in Delhi, India

We cover the popularity of nutrition brands, specifically protein supplements brands in this post.

The popularity is defined here by the recall factor of the brand in the internet search. So a brand which is searched a lot, has a high brand recall and therefore can be seen as a popular brand.

This ranking looks at the consumer popularity of the brand and not necessarily the best protein supplements brands by its nutrition value.

Below are the most popular protein supplement brands in Delhi (India) in the year 2018. For the most recent trend (2021), you can buy the report.

Top protein supplement brands by ranking

Following are the top 10 popular brands (by recall factor) after analyzing google search data:

1. Ultimate Nutrition

2. My Protein

3. GM Nutrition

4. Optimum Nutrition

5. GNC

6. MuscleTech

7. MuscleBlaze

8. Herbalife

9. Ensure

10. Nestle

Other brands are Divine Nutrition, Isopure, Impact, Oziva, Nutrabay, Patanjali Ayurveda, Proteinx, BSN, One science Nutrition,

Amway, Dymatize and Ronnie Coleman.

These brands were the top searched brands in Delhi (India) in 2018. 2020 and 2021 would be different and some brands loose out and other gains. You can get the latest along with last 5 years rankings in the report.