Weight Management Intelligence
What is this report ?


Did you know weight loss is the biggest concern topic under nutrition and health in India? This made us create a dedicated and retailed report for weight management which covers both weight gain and loss. Consumers are looking out for various diet plan, herbal/non herbal supplements, concerned about calories, trying different methods to finally exploring pills and capsules.
Obesity and excess weight is not just India problem but a global health problem. Given the lifestyle and increase comfort in our daily life, the opportunity for the wellness & fitness brands, food brands and drugs companies to fill this rising demand with new and innovative product will rise. Brands whose ears are close to consumer will win. This report is an effort in summarizing that consumer's voice.


This report looks at the consumer’s growing interest and concern about their weight and their appearances.  It goes deep under the mind of the consumer to understand their search patterns, purchase behavior and intentions.


Who is it for ?


  • Supplement brands
  • Weight management and fitness companies
  • Food and Beverage brands
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Investor in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and supplements
  • International companies interested to understand Indian consumers


What geography does it cover ?


This reports covers India and its states. The report covers topics at national level, consolidating 36 Indian states. The report covers the following most important states in terms of consumption :
  • Delhi
  • Punjab
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Haryana
  • Rajasthan
  • Gujarat
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Karnataka
  • Telangana
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Kerala
  • Bihar
  • Assam
  • West Bengal


What brands are covered in the report ?


Some of the brands popular with consumer are Horlicks, VLCC, Oziva, Forever living, Amway, Herbalife, Himalaya, Protinex, Muscle blaze etc


How Gutins intelligence is used by brands ?


Gutins intelligence is a guide to help Food, Health, Nutrition and Wellness brands to learn about consumer preferences, behavior and changing needs using consumer's digital impressions. It allows the brands to look at consumer thoughts from an analytics lens and decipher patterns. These could be related to flavor, habits, taste, health, desires, curiosity, fear, needs and brand preference. It leads to deeper understanding of consumption and demand. Brands will see ideas for new product. Better consumer profile of individual states helps brand to optimize their marketing and distribution strategy. Brands will know other brands which have been able to create a recall factors with consumers. A recurring high interest query not served well by brands, is a lost opportunity. The intelligence helps you anchor your attention to where the signal is coming.


Why do brands need to pay attention ?


We extract meaning out of the most primal digital footprints - Consumers Searches. Consumers are giving away their preferences, needs and choices with their searches. Using machine learning, natural language and data analytics, we extract context and insights. If one were to see these queries as answers, then what we are doing is crafting the right questions. 


The consumer searches and queries are personal and honest, devoid of any pretension to look or sound cool as one would expect in general social media. Here, in this search are his pure interests, curiosity and desires. And when you use this perspective you start understanding your consumer deeper than others.


Why we use google search data and not other source ?


India has over 500 Million active interest users. This includes people who are accessing internet over phone. An estimate states that 98.8% of Indians prefer google search over any other search engine. This makes google search a very powerful source for data.


What is the consumer profile covered with the data ?


The search platform (Google Search being our data source) doesn't explicitly mentions the consumer profile. But its not very difficult to draw an inference on a common characteristics:

  • He/She is literate
  • He/She is digitally savy
  • He/She has a smartphone
  • Majority would come from Urban and Semi-Urban centers
  • Majority would fall in the age gap of 21-55


Why are we good at what we do ?


Because of our singular focus. We only do Nutrition and Health. And we have put all our energy and attention on one market : India



Weight Management Intelligence

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  • What is the purpose of this report ?

    This report is for brands which wish to know consumers interest and intentions in their weight and what they are looking out for. We hope to see companies benefit from this insights and find unique growth opportunity.
    The purpose of this intelligence is to help brands achieve 10x growth. For some, it will mean taking the revenue from USD 1 Million to USD 10 Million and for others it will be USD 10 Million to 100 Million. And for new brands, it would getting to its 1st Million.
  • What do we cover ?

    • Brands popular with weight management
    • Supplements
    • Specific area in body for weight loss/gain
    • Influencers
    • Diet plans
    • Food and Beverages consumed/searched
    • Physical activity
    • Health conditions
  • What kind of insights ?

    • Which part of body are they concerned about (face weight, stomach weight etc)
    • What supplements are they looking for ?
    • What kind of pre/post health condition driving weight management interest ? (pregnancy, surgery etc)
    • Kind of food and beverages weight conscious consumer looking for
    • What kind of activity are they involved in (yoga, zumba, skipping etc)
    • Who are the top influencer (Indian and International) they are inspired by ?
    • What kind of diet plan are popular ?
    • Which brands of product are they using, consuming